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How To Spot Fake Gold

Gold has some unique properties to it that aren’t shared by other metals or at least other metals don’t share all the same number of properties. Gold is also very rare. When the Earth formed most of the gold sank deep into the mantle before the crust solidified. This means it can only be found in concentrated deposits in a few select places on early. Gold’s value has always attracted counterfeiters who have tried to manipulate individuals, currency, and markets, in hopes of gaining a quick, easy fortune. In ancient and medieval times specious alchemists attempted to find a way [...]

What Is Clear Title Ownership?

A clear title is sometimes also referred to as a clean or good title. The term basically indicates that there is no other party with an active lien or levy against a piece of property and that there is no question as to who holds the legal ownership. A vehicle with a clear or clean title means that there is no dispute in ownership. If the car was still financed through a lending institution the bank in question would still have a lien against the vehicle and it could not be sold to another party without their permission or a [...]

Top Questions To Ask About Your 401 (k)

There are many types of retirement plans and strategies to consider. One of most common types of retirement funds used by United States employees is the 401 (k). It is intended to help employees prepare for retirement by contributing a usually small amount of their income to an investment fund. Many of these plans also have some degree of matching funds coming from the employer. Of course, not all 401 (k) plans are the same. Some have different features, and stipulations. Understanding some of the more common questions associated with 401 (k) plans can help you make the most out [...]

What Is The Gold Standard?

From the earliest days of ancient history, humans and rising civilizations prized gold for its rareness and beauty. In no time it graduated from being used as ornamentation to become one of the world’s first forms of currency. While there is some debate, it is believed that gold was first used as a national currency starting in 643 B.C.E. in the kingdom of Lydia, in what is now present-day Turkey. At that time, gold was an essential part of a naturally occurring alloy known as electrum, which is essentially a loose blend of silver and gold. The technology of Lydians [...]

What Is The Difference Between A Pension And 401(k)

Social Security is intended to replace a modest amount of your annual income. It generally calculates out to about 40% of your average earnings. Of course, for most people, this amount is simply not enough to live on. Especially if you want to retire comfortably! This means you are going to want to set up other streams of retirement income for when the time comes for you to move on from the working world. While there are a few options, two of the more popular are 401 (k) plans and traditional pension plans. While each of these options provides funds [...]

Are Gold Mining Stocks A Good Investment? What Are They?

All the trends and swings that occur in the stock market, as well as instability in some corners of the global economy, have value-oriented investors looking more closely at precious metals. This includes things like owning physical gold, paper gold, gold exchange-traded funds, and other elements of the precious metals market. One particular area that continues to grab the attention of value-oriented investors is gold mining stocks. Historically, gold tends to offer the most stability over other precious metals like silver and platinum. Still, mining stocks in these alternative precious metals still shouldn’t be taken off the proverbial table. It's [...]

Can Gold Prices Be Manipulated

Warry investors at all levels wonder if the price of gold can be manipulated and if so to what degree? Certainly, there are other stocks and industries where price manipulation occurs from time to time. Some might even be accused of doing it frequently. So, is there a real threat that gold prices can be manipulated? From a technical standpoint “Gold Market Manipulation,” which might also be referred to as “Gold Price Manipulation” is generally defined as a person or entity that makes a purposeful effort to control gold prices. Indeed, manipulations like this do exist in certain conditions where [...]

Is There A Seasonality To Buying Gold?

Economists and savvy investors know to watch markets and asset-based commodities for trends. This includes watching the price of gold for salient trends that might indicate a coming uptick or a potential downturn. One trend that can complicate matters is how seasonality might be able to affect the value of gold. What Is Seasonality? Seasonality is something that can be applied to a lot of different industries, occupations, and indeed whole sectors of the economy. The change of season plays a major role in the Northern Hemisphere with industries like agriculture and construction. It can even be a factor [...]

Bullion vs. Numismatic Coins Explained

Since the dawn of civilization gold and other precious metals like silver have held value and even have served as stamped coin currency. To this day physically possessing precious metals is seen by many, as a wise way to insulate wealth and possibly even as a means to ensure you have some liquidity, should another major economic crisis hit. Numismatic coins are somewhat popular with many individuals who want to invest in physical gold and other precious metals. Yet it’s worth bearing in mind that they are different from regular bullion coins and bullion bars in a few distinct ways. [...]

What Are Gold Futures Explained

Gold has a certain popularity that goes beyond just its physical appearance and utility. Many savvy investors recognize its potential for profit, as well as being an effective way to insulate wealth. If you are thinking about rebalancing your portfolio to include more gold, it’s important to keep in mind that there are a few options available to you. One that is certainly worth a closer look is through gold futures. Indeed, futures are a common strategy used to invest in many commodities. Precious metal futures like gold and silver are traded on stock exchanges around the world. They provide [...]

Gold Bull Market vs Gold Bear Market

The stock market is rife with trends, terminology and technical jargon that is sure to spin the head of a new or novice investor. Indeed, even savvy, experienced investors sometimes find themselves confronted by speculation, and changes brought about by the market environment. Taking a closer look at market conditions can help novice and experienced investors alike to make the most out of their investment capital. Whether you are working with a brokerage account as part of your 401(K) or you are an active day trader or investment manager, there are opportunities waiting for those who know where to look [...]

Paper Gold Investment Guide. Ratio To Real Gold Explained

At a glance, Paper Gold is essentially an asset which directly resembled the price of gold, though it is not actually physical gold. It’s also worth bearing in mind that it isn’t backed by any real metal, which means it is technically considered to be only paper. An individual who holds paper gold has some exposure to the price of gold, yet they don’t physically possess any gold bullion. In a certain light paper, gold is considered more useful for trading purposes than it is for long-term investments. There are different types of paper gold including gold certificates, pool accounts, [...]

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    Buying gold is part of a diversified portfolio that can lend financial stability to your retirement assets. In a world of instability, you never know what can happen to your money. We are on a mission to create stability for your assets through the safety and security of investing in gold and other precious metals. Once you invest in gold and see how much safer it can be than paper currency, you’ll join the millions of investors that see the “gold standard” as a financial reality, not just a dream.

    Precious metals investing isn’t new. If you think about it, that’s why the entire jewelry industry exists. Buying gold, silver and other metals like Platinum or Palladium goes back centuries with everyone always wondering how to buy gold the right way so they don’t get screwed by paying too much or not getting out at the right time.. The modernization of precious metal purchasing is within retirement assets. Back in 1997, Congress and former President Bill Clinton passed the Tax Payer Relief Act. This gave investors the ability to invest all or portions of their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA, 401k, 403b) in gold, silver, platinum, palladium – the most precious of metals.

    We live in times where wars are happening more frequently, terrorism exists, massive public companies have gone bankrupt, corrupt advisors create schemes to steal paper money, and so many more bad things at the whim of people we can and cannot trust. Therefore having the ability to invest in precious metals instead of purely paper finances like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and traditional savings accounts just mutual funds, stocks and bonds provided a larger variety of choice to investors. Those concerned with the volatility of the stock market and world events should look into gold IRAs and other precious metals IRAs. For 20 years now, they help garner the same tax benefits for retirement savings as traditional IRA plans everyone is familiar with.

    But Is A Precious Metals IRA Right For You?

    There are many different types of people out there, and most seem to fit the bill in our eyes. Are you skeptical or fearful of the stock market volatility after dot-com crashes, recessions and global political unrest happening more often? Are you a conservative investor that likes to save their money and protect it under all circumstances? Are you someone who saves money and has disposable income that can be invested in precious metals to diversify your portfolio? Are you retired and have large IRA or other retirement assets that need steady growth without the anxiety of a volatile stock market? Or you could just be an educated investor with a large financial asset base and you are looking for new investments to try with minimal risk. Any way you look at it, precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and palladium are sound investments for most anyone.

    At the end of the day, Gold Buying Reviews is here to help you make educated decision on how to invest your money in precious metals. We want to help consumers make the most of their money and protect their assets – one gold bar and one silver coin at a time. This site brings the best companies to your doorstep after we have vetted them out, this way you don’t have to spend hours, days or even weeks trying to figure out who to connect with. Let us help you find out where to buy gold bars and coins and diversify your portfolio with a Gold or Silver IRA or other rollover retirement account.

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