Here’s Why Gold Is A Better Investment Than An Annuity

Many people turn to a financial advisor or similar institution to help them with their retirement planning. These professionals have a lot of cookie-cutter strategies that they can pitch you based on the early feedback you offer them. Most of them are based on creating a balanced mix of stocks and bonds to develop a [...]

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Why Millennials Choose Bitcoin Over Gold?

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that has sometimes been referred to as being Gold for Millennials. It is an interesting concept that an increasing number of young adults go into when making some of their earliest investments. In this demographic, it is often seen as more attractive than even gold! So, this begs the [...]

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How To Predict Gold Prices?

Gold has long been prized by civilized man for its appearance in jewelry, its steady value as a type of currency and even it’s functional use in modern-day electronics. These characteristics and much more draw many individuals and savvy investors to pay attention to the price of gold. Since the dawn of the “Great Recession” [...]

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How Do Gold ETFs Work?

Economic conditions and technological advancements have made gold, other precious metals, and gold Exchange Traded Funds, increasingly popular. Historically, Gold ETFs first became popular in Australia in 2003 with the inception of the Gold Bullion Security. It quickly saw early gains and developed long-term consistency. Since that time various Gold ETFs have been launched in [...]

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How to Buy Gold With Your 401(k) (FSAGX, IAU)

Each year millions of Americans contribute a portion of their income to a 401(k) plan as part of an array of financial options to help them prepare for retirement. They have become so popular that many employers choose to offer some degree of matching contribution to a 401(k) plan as a way to attract as [...]

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Gold 2048: What Does The Next 30 Years Bring? World Gold Council Future Of Gold Market

The future is always hard to foretell. Yet changes in the current market and future economic projects still prompt many individuals and investors to try to speculate what may happen and to seek out ways to benefit or minimize risk in volatile times. We now operate as part of a complex and dynamic global economy [...]

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Doomsday Preparation List. Are You Prepared For A Major Disaster Or Doomsday?

Doomsday has been a thing foretold since man emerged from eons of hunting a gathering to build the first communities. One need only look at the natural world to realize that everything with a beginning inevitably has an ending. This holds true for civilization as we know it. Men of means and resources forebode [...]

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Buying Gold As Your Best Diversification Insurance

How Gold Diversification Can Benefit Your Portfolio Gold has long been cherished by human beings for its lustrous appearance as well as its usefulness. To this day it plays a major role in consumer and industrial electronics, jewelry and other adornments, and demand attention in the financial arena. In comparison to other sectors it often [...]

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What Is Fiat Money? How Does Fiat Compare To Gold

The Trouble With Fiat Currency Today’s global economy comes with some benefits and some weaknesses. Governments around the world compensate for some of these wild swings by playing fast and loose with the value of their currency. Unfortunately, the United States is one of them. One of the most common tricks up their sleeves is [...]

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Diversifying Your Portfolio With Precious Metals Like Silver & Gold. Pros & Cons.

If you’re more than a casual investor, who happens to take a peek at their mutual fund performance from time to time then chances are you’ve heard the saying “Smart Money” before. But what does it really mean? The dictionary defines it as: Money bet or invested by people with expert knowledge; or knowledgeable people [...]

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