Can Gold Prices Be Manipulated

Warry investors at all levels wonder if the price of gold can be manipulated and if so to what degree? Certainly, there are other stocks and industries where price manipulation occurs from time to time. Some might even be accused of doing it frequently. So, is there a real threat that gold prices can be [...]

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Is There A Seasonality To Buying Gold?

Economists and savvy investors know to watch markets and asset-based commodities for trends. This includes watching the price of gold for salient trends that might indicate a coming uptick or a potential downturn. One trend that can complicate matters is how seasonality might be able to affect the value of gold. What Is Seasonality? [...]

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Bullion vs. Numismatic Coins Explained

Since the dawn of civilization gold and other precious metals like silver have held value and even have served as stamped coin currency. To this day physically possessing precious metals is seen by many, as a wise way to insulate wealth and possibly even as a means to ensure you have some liquidity, should another [...]

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What Are Gold Futures Explained

Gold has a certain popularity that goes beyond just its physical appearance and utility. Many savvy investors recognize its potential for profit, as well as being an effective way to insulate wealth. If you are thinking about rebalancing your portfolio to include more gold, it’s important to keep in mind that there are a few [...]

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Gold Bull Market vs Gold Bear Market

The stock market is rife with trends, terminology and technical jargon that is sure to spin the head of a new or novice investor. Indeed, even savvy, experienced investors sometimes find themselves confronted by speculation, and changes brought about by the market environment. Taking a closer look at market conditions can help novice and experienced [...]

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Paper Gold Investment Guide. Ratio To Real Gold Explained

At a glance, Paper Gold is essentially an asset which directly resembled the price of gold, though it is not actually physical gold. It’s also worth bearing in mind that it isn’t backed by any real metal, which means it is technically considered to be only paper. An individual who holds paper gold has some [...]

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What is the Gold Lease Rate (GLR)

Gold has been prized by man throughout history. In the past, it served as a material for the finest of ornamentations, including jewelry and even woven into fine fabrics for aristocrats and nobility. Many ancient civilizations have also used gold as a form of currency, and until recent times gold and other precious metals were [...]

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How Does Gold Price Perform During Economic Crisis?

Historical times of economic crisis like the recession of 2008, the Great Depression, and other financial events remind us that the United States, and indeed the global economy is always vulnerable. This potential looming threat drives many savvy investors to look for ways to hedge or potentially insulate themselves against a future economic crisis. A [...]

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How Does The Unemployment Job Rate Affect Gold Prices?

Unemployment numbers or the job rate have always played an important part in reading the economic barometer in the United States, most of Europe, and indeed all of Western Civilization. It essentially measures the statistical data from all payroll that is not directly associated with farming. The job rate also plays into a great many [...]

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Bitcoin Vs Ethereum: What Is The Difference?

Recently, a new type of cryptocurrency known as Ethereum has started to garner a great deal of attention on the economic world stage. In a certain light, it is part of a natural evolution in competition to the most popular form of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. To understand the value of each and whether or not these [...]

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