How Much Unmined Gold Is Left In The World?

Not long after the rise of civilization, mankind set to work collecting, extracting, and mining for gold. Throughout the centuries human beings have found more-and-more creative and effective ways to scour the Earth’s surface for the prized lustrous metal. While there are some promising new developments in gold recycling and precious metal recovery technology on [...]

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How Do I Find The Right Gold Dealer?

There are many savvy investors and individuals looking for wealth preservation options, who are interested in buying physical gold. Right off the bat, you shouldn’t consider this to be a simple retail experience. There are a lot of factors that go into when you should buy gold, how much gold you should purchase, and who [...]

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Are There Other Metals To Invest In Other Than Gold?

Historically gold has been and likely will continue to always be the precious metal prized most by human beings. It serves so many purposes, including currency, consumer electronics, jewelry, ornamentation, and even plays a role in many electrical engineering projects. This also makes it a very attractive investment option in the form of things like [...]

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What Is The Difference Between A Gold Round And A Numismatic Coin?

Chances are there has been a time or two when you were watching TV and a commercial came on talking about some long-lost minted coin being found and available or sale. They likely also promised that if you call now you can be one of the few owners of this amazing collectible. The first ten [...]

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What Are High-Value Materials In Gold Recycling?

As the most precious of all precious metals, gold has captured the imagination of mankind since the dawn of time. Its historic popularity is due to a variety of beneficial properties including malleability, high ductility, and corrosion resistance. It is also very rare compared to other surface metals. Its luster also adds to its appeal [...]

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What Is Precious Metal Recovery?

Gold and other precious metals are rare. They are typically found in areas where ancient thrust-fault tectonic activity has brought them and other minerals back to the surface of the earth. Then erosion from wind and water bring it down in various deposits where human beings can mine it. At least, this is how they [...]

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What Is E-Waste Gold Mining?

Consumer electronics tend to get well, consumed. They tend to have a limited life compared to things like your furniture and even a lot of vehicles. This means that every year millions of tons of old phones, televisions, printers, and out of date laptops end up being discarded. Some are secretly dismantled or broken to [...]

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What Is Gold Recycling?

Gold has a long and storied history in human civilization. Even before we started building walled cities and developing local economies gold was being used as an adornment. Egypt and many early Middle Eastern cultures prized gold above all other precious materials for its beauty, and unique properties. This is due in some part to [...]

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Can Blockchain Tokenize Gold?

Blockchain technology or coding language continues to grow in popularity around the world. It broke into cultural consciousness with the emergence of Bitcoin. Since then other platforms like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and others. There are even smaller blockchain communities championed modest-sized groups of individuals. One of the core principles that gives blockchain some real-world value [...]

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Could The United States Go Back To The Gold Standard?

Every year the United States national debt continues to swell to ever-expanding historic heights. This drives fears amongst economists, as well as people paying bills at their kitchen table, that it could lead to hyperinflation, and other types of economic distress. There are many experts who have weighed in on this concern and the overarching [...]

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