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Top Questions To Ask About Your 401 (k)

There are many types of retirement plans and strategies to consider. One of most common types of retirement funds used by United States employees is the 401 (k). It is intended to help employees prepare for retirement by contributing a usually small amount of their income to an investment fund. Many of these plans also [...]

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What Is The Gold Standard?

From the earliest days of ancient history, humans and rising civilizations prized gold for its rareness and beauty. In no time it graduated from being used as ornamentation to become one of the world’s first forms of currency. While there is some debate, it is believed that gold was first used as a national currency [...]

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What Is The Difference Between A Pension And 401(k)

Social Security is intended to replace a modest amount of your annual income. It generally calculates out to about 40% of your average earnings. Of course, for most people, this amount is simply not enough to live on. Especially if you want to retire comfortably! This means you are going to want to set up [...]

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Are Gold Mining Stocks A Good Investment? What Are They?

All the trends and swings that occur in the stock market, as well as instability in some corners of the global economy, have value-oriented investors looking more closely at precious metals. This includes things like owning physical gold, paper gold, gold exchange-traded funds, and other elements of the precious metals market. One particular area that [...]

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Can Gold Prices Be Manipulated

Warry investors at all levels wonder if the price of gold can be manipulated and if so to what degree? Certainly, there are other stocks and industries where price manipulation occurs from time to time. Some might even be accused of doing it frequently. So, is there a real threat that gold prices can be [...]

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Is There A Seasonality To Buying Gold?

Economists and savvy investors know to watch markets and asset-based commodities for trends. This includes watching the price of gold for salient trends that might indicate a coming uptick or a potential downturn. One trend that can complicate matters is how seasonality might be able to affect the value of gold. What Is Seasonality? [...]

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Bullion vs. Numismatic Coins Explained

Since the dawn of civilization gold and other precious metals like silver have held value and even have served as stamped coin currency. To this day physically possessing precious metals is seen by many, as a wise way to insulate wealth and possibly even as a means to ensure you have some liquidity, should another [...]

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What Are Gold Futures Explained

Gold has a certain popularity that goes beyond just its physical appearance and utility. Many savvy investors recognize its potential for profit, as well as being an effective way to insulate wealth. If you are thinking about rebalancing your portfolio to include more gold, it’s important to keep in mind that there are a few [...]

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